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Gardenia: garden planning, design and construction.

Gardenia, founded in 1992, specializes in the planning, landscaping, design, and set up of both public and private gardens.

Our concept of garden design is developed by focusing on natural motion, flow, and comfort. We integrate our materials in the structure and surroundings without contradiction, and of course, respect the flora, ensuring that our combinations are harmonic and allowing enough space for the natural and complete development of the plant as it matures.

We are very careful with the combinations of plants, making sure that they are complimentary, and taking special consideration of their annual shifting and blooming habits.

The Gardenia team supports the customer in all phases of planning and implementation in the field, including the management and responsibility of carrying out the work of various contractors. Our goal is to reach optimal results in all of our outside development work and garden construction.

Gardenia applies these productive principles carefully, working in collaboration with architects and designers on a variety of projects in various settings including private homes, hotels, guest houses, public buildings, parks, and more.

All our projects are performed in the highest standards, providing solutions that include the best possible options for planning, so that each garden will flourish, endure, and prosper.

Every garden has its' own character and is built to fit each customer's personal taste and space.

The company integrates unique stonework in the garden to create walkways and seating areas.

Gardenia can also incorporate original, hand-made ceramic artwork, suitable for an outdoor environment. Our long-term thinking and planning strategies lead to the overall high standard of our execution of the infrastructure and the garden as a whole. During the planning stage, we are able to foresee the future development of the garden and are able to prepare for the changing needs of our customers.

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